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My name is Stephen Rebeiro, firstly, thanks for visiting my site, I am a 3D artist by profession and I implement my skills in developing games (from designing concepts, to production and seeing its final release), I specialize in modelling, for any generation of system, though I've also contributed to level design, lighting, and compositing also create training material and pipeline enhancement.

I've been working in the game industry since 2007. I have worked in the five social network games and released my own game "Ninja Hoodie" for the iOS and Android devices. I am currently working on my next release "Circuit Chaser" which again is entirely self designed and produced along with a programmer.

Working on games has made me understand the complexities that go into its production. Challenges faced in games and graphics can be immense but the end result is always satisfying. In my career I have come across talented programmers, technicians, music artist and working along with them is what I enjoyed the most.

Apart from just Games and Animation, I enjoy teaching as well, I worked across academies in India and UK in delivering education in 3D animation and Games Design, I am also a certified Assessor and also have crated the entire curriculum for UK Animation academy  www.digimationUK.com

So if you do require any of my services, please free to contact me.
I'm available as a freelancer. I do work for companies in both London, foreign countries, on site and off site.
I'm specialized in product visualization and modelling using Maya, 3dsmax, Unity 3D, Mental Ray and Vray, but can also do architecture visualization. If you like my visual style, then hire me as a freelancer to create stunning games. designs and images.

Services I provide:
- Custom Modelling for Games and Cinematics
- Product visualization 
- Game Development
- Architectural visualization
- Graphic Design
- Motion Graphics and Video Composition
- Wesbite Development 
- Tutorials and Interactive Study materials.

Contact :
Email: me@stephenrebeiro.com
Skype: rebeirostephen
Linkedin: Stephen Rebeiro